We have clothing which is unique and of high quality, created just for you.

Concept store for REAL women

Concept store for REAL women. It is the time for fashion to be innovative and celebrate victory of medium-sizes.

We are real, friendly, people and we are working to help you create your fashion freedom. We have created a place where you can find designer clothing suitable for medium-sized women.

There is a Baltic avant-garde fashion stop – a concept store that respects the feminine body, located in Vilnius, Old Jewish Quarter, Stiklių str. 7.

The concept store’s title is JULIA JANUS. On the window is written: LITHUANIAN DESIGN, SIZES S-XXXL. Why did we need to write down the sizes? Because medium-sized women are so disappointed with fashion that a note is necessary to notify them that they can come in and come here without any fear – we have clothing which is unique and of high quality, created just for you.
There are so many local and international designers’ boutiques, to which middle-sized women are not even trying to enter, because they have a clear attitude – there I will not find my size, so why should I bother? Well OK, if the designer’s brand is more developed – the buyer will find the L size (12-14UK), from which the average female’s measurements only begin. All pretty women, who are wearing M-XXXL (10-28 UK) clothing, stay in the shade. They are seen by designers as hard to dress and inconvenient customers.

If your size is M-XXXL, you have to do your best and try out one of the three alternatives – first, be satisfied with the cheap fast fashion offers, which are not even trying to make your medium-sized body look good. Instead, they are using poor constructions and low-quality fabrics, neither you feel nor look good. Second, you can look for “plus-size” stores, where will you find a lot of clothes which look like camping tents and they literally cannot fit your body shape.  Thirdly, you can simply go to the dressmaker.

“Inbetweener” – this is how Jennifer, the blogger from Great Britain, calls that pretty woman of size M-XXXL.  She writes how difficult she finds 14 UK clothes by herself: usually, my size is the last one in regular-size shops and the first one in “plus size” collections. Neither is suitable for me. In the first case, my chest or thighs do not fit, in the second, everything looks too loose.

Fashion designer Julija Janus, who is wearing 14-16 UK clothes, creates minimalistic avant-garde fashion, which collections are produced in the extended size range from XXXL to S (28-8 UK) since 2008. 

In 2017 Julija and her team started to create a multi-brand platform JULIA JANUS, which offers JULIA JANUS and other creative Baltic fashion designers’ combinations of clothing and accessories suitable for real women of medium-size.

Multi-brand fashion platform www.juliajanus.com and JULIA JANUS physical store which works as a showroom and waits for you with great stylists is located in one of the most beautiful streets of Vilnius Old Town – Stiklių str. 7.

JULIA JANUS cooperates with other Lithuanian designers: Diana Paukštytė, FLOW, Due Fashion and one Latvian designer – LAMIFA. Cooperation expands Baltic, minimalistic and body positive fashion platform and improves stylistic choice for the clients, as well, the scale of sizes. Discover fashion news for real women.

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